Hi, I am Jenell....

Short-Mid Term furnished rental management

I stumbled upon the world of Airbnb when I transitioned from my ten year career in traditional property management.  I was looking to bridge a gap in the quickly evolving market demand in DT Seattle; the request for "short-term, furnished housing" kept coming up by this new demographic of renter, Amazon contractors. In that same Summer, I vacationed in Central America, Belize.... At someone elses house?! It was the most amazing experience that essentially changed the trajectory of my life and curated The Corporate Condo Collection. Short-mid term furnished rental homes.

Through the years, I integrated my two passions - design & business.  By combining these, we have began to  revive the boring world of traditional corporate housing and property management, creating a fun and intricate twist to the industry.

I can't wait to help you begin your Airbnb journey.

Here to Host, Here to Help.

Jenell Thompson